Bott Group CEO's Dr. Reinhard Wollermann-Windgasse und Clive Woodward

A family run and owned business for 74 years, in 2004 Dr. Reinhard Wollermann-Windgasse and Clive Woodward were appointed group Chief Executives.

Together they carry the strategic and operational responsibility for the development, production, sales, human resources and finance companies across all the bott group. Within the national and local businesses they are supported by other members of the senior management team.

"Ein traditionelles Untenehmen mit funktionalen Produkten, innerhalb eines sich global wandelnden Marktes, in seine Zukunft zu begleiten ist Herausforderung und Ansporn zugleich." - Dr. Reinhard Wollermann-Windgasse

"We see it as our duty to offer our customers the very best in products and services at all times. It is the ethos which motivates the entire bott team" - Clive Woodward

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